Cinderella Cleaners

{March 19, 2011}   The report

My Book Report on Cinderella Cleaners Book 1 & 2

Report by Remy Joseph

Books by Maya Gold

This book is about a girl named Diana who lives in New Jersey. She lives with her step sisters Brynna and Ashley,  her strange step mom Fay, and her dad, Frank. She works at her dad’s dry cleaning place called Cinderella Cleaners. Her grandpa owned it but passed away so now her dad owns it. She loves Broadway!

Book 1 Change of a dress

Book 1 is about when Diana gets a ticket from a pocket (not including the gross parts!). How the ticket part happened is when Diana, her friend Cat, and Elise are working at the cleaners, Diana puts her hand in a fancy coat pocket and finds a ticket to the premier night of the musical Angel! Cat and Elise have no clue what Angel is so Diana tells them. Diana has an idea. She tells Cat and Elise that maybe Cat and Diana can go to Angel! The idea is hard because Diana’s step mom and her dad are going out. Diana’s only choice is to watch her step sisters. Or maybe not… She asks people at work if they can but no one wants to. She even asks her best friend Jess, Amelia, and Sara but the have plans. Then, Diana asks Elise and she said… YES! She loves babysitting and she is perfect at it! But will Diana get in trouble…

Book 2 Prep cool

This book is really gross compared to book 1. It has a lot of gross parts I won’t tell. When Diana and Jess find out that they’re friend Will is being in his brothers band playing the bass guitar. He asks if they can go. Jess’s mom said it was OK but now it’s up to Diana’s step mom. She said that they have plans but her dad said they didn’t so she’s free! So Diana goes to Jess’s house and they get dressed together. When there all ready, Jess’s mom brings them to the Foreman Academy (a high school) where Will and his brothers band are going to play music. When they walk in it looks so cool! When they go to high school, they want to go there. The party is in the gym. When they walk in the gym, they see the band playing. In the book, the gross part would happen so I’m not going to tell you it correctly. Diana and Jess meets a boy named Jason. Jason asks Jess if she wants to dance with him and she said yes. EWWW! So they dance and dance. When they are dancing, Diana thinks that it would be funny to take Jess’s phone and take pictures! So she does. When she is done she puts it in Jess’s bag. When there done dancing, they come over and talk. Then the band is done playing. Will goes over to meet them. Jess introduces Will to Jason and Jason offers to give them a tour. Jess and Diana goes with them. Then it’s ten o’clock. Jess and Diana go back home. In the morning, Diana gets a call from Jess. It’s from Jess’s house phone. She answers and Jess said I LOST MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!! Diana remembers taking the pictures and she might of  not zipped the pocket it Jess’s bag! She doesn’t tell Jess about the phone. Will Diana get caught…

In the books, the author Maya Gold gave great words but some were not appropriate. I’m not going to mention them because, well, just because. The gross parts were like kissing and so on. The sentences were long and short. The paragraphs are a topic and then what happens to that topic. The chapters are just like the paragraphs. Their isn’t a symbol of symbolism but one of them can be friendship.

I liked a lot of people in the book, but I want to tell you about Elise! There is nothing gross about her. I imagine her with blonde hair and blue eyes. In the book, she is very nice but she can be mad at stuff  like getting fired from her job. In the first book, she was really nice but then got mad and didn’t talk to Diana because she made Elise almost get fired. In the second book, she is really happy then proud! Elise isn’t a main character. How she learns in the book is that it is always good to be into stuff like sneaking in to places.

What I like about the books is that they are really funny! I recommend the books to people that like funny books. But under one condition, this book is gross. (in some parts!).   I don’t like this book at all only the funny parts. This book gets funny then gross, funny and gross, and so on.

Thank you for reading this!

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Hi! my name is Diana and I will tell you about my life! I live with my Step Mother, Fay, dad, and twin step sisters Ashley, and Brynna! My best friend is Jessica Munson. I call her Jess. I live in New Jersey! I work at Cinderella Cleaners, a dry cleaning place for clothes. My grandpa owned it but passed away. So now my dad is the owner of Cinderella Cleaners.

-Diana 🙂


{February 20, 2011}   Hello world!

Hello, world! My name is Diana, the character in this book! 

The first book

This is my new blog!

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